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Monday, August 20th, 2012
4:04 pm
Stuff for sale, lookie!
Basically a few things have come up rl that I need to take care, and for matters of a personal nature, I'd prefer not to go into them. So to raise a bit of money, I've decided to try and sell a few things that I don't use, or rarely use. Unless it states in the listing, shipping is seperate, cause not sure the total price for certain items. I'm up for some negotiations on items, whether it be trades/offers and such. I'm fairly certain there is stuff I'm missing from the pictures, feel free to message me with any questions and offers.

Images: http://s434.photobucket.com/albums/qq61/whitewer/

Any items that end up being sold will be removed from this listing!

1. Poker Dragons "Hold 'Em Or Fold 'Em" Collection, I have 8 figures and the table that goes to the set, each one is normally about 30 bucks shipped, so that's 270 dollars worth of figurines, and I'm asking $125 for them, shipped to your door. I would prefer not to break them up.

2. 200mw Laser pointer, with batteries and charger. I have a brilliantly bright laser pointer, nice housing. I'm also tossing in 2 or 3 batteries and a charger. The number of batteries depends on how many I can find laying around, and they are rechargable. I'm asking $100 for this.

5. Variety of prints and such, ask for prices will let you know.

6. BellDandy Poster, I have a rather large, 4' wide by 6' tall poster of Belldandy from Ah My Goddess, it's a very nice poster, just have no where to put it. I'd like to get $100 for it, that includes shipping.

7. For the furs who indulge in smoking, I have one glass pipe of sorts. From what I can tell the o rings seem to be a little loose, was told that could be fixed, no idea. Then there is also a dragon pipe as well. Both are in excellent condition, I believe I have screens as well. I'm like to try and get $50 for the pair, shipped.

8. Bamboo pen & touch tablet + extra pen, I have a wacom tablet in great shape, with extra nibs and an extra pen. I'd like to try and get $100 for it.

9. 2 different sets of black lights, both adaptable for the pc. Just never got around to using them. Can also be mounted in the car as well for blacklight there. I'd like to try and get $20 for both.

10. Set of calenders, 14 total all in good shape, most never opened. Would be good for pictures frames and the like. Wouldn't mind 2 bucks a peice or $15 for the set.

11. World of Warcraft - Cataclysm poster, Only sold during blizzcon, very hard to get anymore. I'm looking to get $70 for this poster.

12. Robotech Chibi Toy, cute little chibi robotech robot that also transforms, comes with a box. $10 and it's yours.

13. Comic Books, In this listing, you get a copy of the death of superman, The alpha and omega comics for Age of Apocalypse; Lions Tigers and bears #1 with both covers, The marvels comics by Alex Ross, Some Xmen comics, all the comics are yours for $40 shipped.

14. Endangered Ark Playing Cards - Awesome deck of cards, looks good. All yours for $25

15. Neon Genesis Evangelion Cels - 12 different cells. I've seen them listed in a few places for 15-20 bucks a peice. I'm willing to do $75 shipped for the whole set of 12.

16. Feel Doe, hey ladies.. guys, want a fun toy. Strapless strap on, never used missing vibrator. Might have a vibrator for it somewhere, have to look. $50 shipped.

17. World of Warcraft - Lich King Poster, only sold during blizzcon, very hard to get. I'm looking to get $60 for it.

18. Omaha The cat Dancer - I have 24 issues of Omaha the cat dancer for sale, all in pretty decent shape. There is only one duplicate issue. I'd love to try and get somewhere in the $30 dollar range for all of them.

20. A variety of Bushy Cat prints and portfolios. I'd like to get $10 for all of them, probably 30-40 or so pictures.

21. I have a variety of odd and end portfolios, One by Ferris, Chris Sawyer, Daphne Lage, Someone named Pendant, K-9 Portfolio by Blackrabbit, one by Gnaw $30 for the batch

22. Gameboy Color - good shape, just a little older. It's the clear violet model. Asking $10.

23. Ps2 Games - I have 2 castlevania games, smugglers run 2, taito legends, and auto modellista for sale. All 5 games for $10

24. Art Cds - I have a few art cds, a couple Moonstalker, Club Stripes Miu, The wolf Archive, and a Black & White art cd. $25 for all of them.

25. Gay Male Calenders - Great for using for body references, 10 bucks for all.

27. Signed Collected Gold Digger - I have a signed copy of Gold Digger, with certificate of Authenticity. I'd like to get $50

28. Bunch of Hustler Humor - Funny comics, all yours for $10

29. Kennel Club Card Set - Very cool, and very hard to find. I'd like to get $75 for them. I've seen them go for more.

30. Assorted Gay Mags - I have a variety, good condition. $20 for all of them.

31. Pathfinders Desk - Awesome set of cards, $25 for the box set.

32. Techdeck - One with a lion, all yours for $5

33. Wicked Calender - Simple to the point. $5 it's yours.

34. Set of Xmen Trading Cards - I believe all of them are there, never bothered to go through and check. $20 and they belong to you.

35. XXXenophile comics - Adult comics, a large variety of content and story types. all 8 issues for $5

36. Dragon head ring - It lights up, has replaceable batteries. In good shape. $5 and it's yours.

37. Variety of Furry Comics - All of them for $20

38. Miu & Stylus Art books - $10 each or both for $15

39. Furnation Mag - Simple, $5

41. Full set of Gold Digger; Edgeguard - All seven issues for $10

42. Mitsubishi WD-60C10 60 3D Home Cinema TV - Awesome shape, just too big for my place to use easily. Local pickup only. Can be yours for $750.

44. Jadeclaw Source Book - It's the original Hardbound edition, The kingdom of heaven edition. No longer available as they've done a slightly updated version. I'd love to get $100 for it.

45. Dragonriders of Pern Book - Good book if you love the series, yours for $5

46. Burning Crusade, Collector's edition - The code is used, but the rest of the items are there. $20 dollars and it's yours.

48. The Muppets - Penguins, still in original box, never been opened. $20 to own it.

49. Kimahri Ronso - Vinyl figure from FFX, overall in good shape. Need to repair his staff and locate his pony tail, as such I'm only asking $45 for the figure, that's more than half the price people will ask on ebay for one.

50. World of Warcraft Corded Headset - Awesome pair of headphones, still have original box and all accessories, asking $75 for this item

51. Asus EEE 900 laptop, with mouse and keyboard. It's in great shape, my coworkers cat ate the power cord so waiting for a replacement one in the mail, but the laptop does work. It's got a fresh install of windows xp with current drivers. This version has windows xp, and the 16 gig solid state drive. Will include drivers cd as well. Asking $100 for this.

52. Daria McGrain - Good doggy original, asking $10 for it.

53. World of Warcraft Items - Molten Core raid deck, $10

54. World of Warcraft Items - Art Deck, Alliance $10

55. World of Warcraft Items - Art Deck, Horde $10

56. Asb Calenders - I have two of them, Clothing Optional, and things you'd never thought you'd see. I'd like to get $30 for both of them
Monday, July 9th, 2012
3:39 am
Writer's Block: I Think I'd Be A....
Calling all Philip Pullman fans: If you had a daemon, what would it be? And what would be its name?
I'd hope for something along the lines of a wolf or a horse, but who knows what you'd really end up with. I'd still be happy to just have one regardless.
3:38 am
Writer's Block: Want vs. Have
How often do you find that having something is not as great as you thought it would be before you had it? What's your most recent example of this?
Thought a big desktop replacement laptop would be awesome... then got one and didn't care much for it. Still better than syphilis, not a pleasant thing, lol.
Friday, June 22nd, 2012
1:49 am
Writer's Block: Something Seems Different
You wake up as a member of the opposite sex. What is the very first thing you do?
Well not sure, there would be a toss up between a few ideas. I'd probably just oogle myself for a bit.
Monday, May 21st, 2012
5:31 am
Story I've been working on.
I've been currently working on a super hero story on the side, it has some erotica in it, but nothing that I can't remove fairly easily. It's not the typical story. It involves a character similar to wonder woman in powers, but being mortal born and religious. Her world is tossed for a loop when she gets captured by a super villain who doesn't seem as evil as everyone normally things. Also, doesn't help that she meets some of the people who live through the aftermath of a super hero/super villain fight.

Now the adult part is there, and it does play a bit into the story, showing her being tempted by the villain, and giving into his advances and learning everything isn't as black and white as she'd hope the world would be.

I'm curious if anyone would like to read the first revision of the story. It's currently sitting at 42 pages single spaced, and 26,477 words. The first draft of the story was 21 pages long, and 13,563 words long. This revision nearly doubled the content. There is more interactions between characters, more dialogue, though I believe the actual erotic content is a bit less than what was in the original as I changed the setup. The original setup on part of the story was a bit darker than I cared for. I still have it if anyone wants to read it, but in my opinion, I believe that the story flows better with the other direction I took.
Thursday, March 15th, 2012
1:41 am
Writer's Block: National Pi Day
How many digits of pi have you memorized?
Like my friend, I know all of them. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 but just to one up him.. I also know where the . goes. HA!
Thursday, January 26th, 2012
4:22 am
Keep an eye out?
Hey, pretty soon I'm going to be listing a bunch of stuff for sale in here, I have a variety of anime posters, odds and ends that I just don't have room for, or just never use. I want to sell if off and let someone else enjoy it.

Though, will put up a little thing bout one item. I have a really oddball anime poster, Ah My Goddess, it's Belldandy and she's life size. The poster is Four feet wide by Six feet tall. It's a very big poster. I've only ever seen one other poster that size of the anime, my friend from Toledo had one, and he had only known of one other person that ever had a poster that size. I've been looking through a variety of websites and such, I can't even find an image of the poster is based on. It's big, it's in perfect shape, I just have no use for it.
Thursday, January 19th, 2012
1:37 am
Writer's Block: First Amendment
Why is freedom of speech important to you?
Cause it is, it's the one thing that allows us to speak our minds, whether we all like it or not. It can be the KKK spewing their hateful speech, or a mother talking bout her child. It's all free speech and needs to be protected.
Friday, January 13th, 2012
4:25 am
So.. lanterns.. as in comic ones.
So I took several tests tonight to see if I ever became any sort of lantern corps member which one I'd end up belonging to. EVERY SINGLE TEST, EVERY ONE... all said I'd be a blue lantern wielder.

It's supposed to be the group that inspires hope. Maybe everyone else can explain it to me why they say I'd end up there..
Sunday, January 8th, 2012
2:07 am
Writer's Block: The Walking Dead
In case of an impending zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice, and why?
Intelligence. That's the most valuable weapon.
Thursday, January 5th, 2012
5:02 am
wow.. Just wow.
So I occasionally watch a show that causes me to rage.. horribly horribly rage.
It's called Deadliest Warrior, from Spike Tv. Which in of itself sounds like a good premise for a show, Let's grab 2 warriors from history and pit them against each other. Sounds good right? Well.. not so much. My issues with the show:
1. Weapons, it's more an issue of lets grab random shiny weapons, rather than grab the weapons they actually use/used. Like during the Al Capone vs. Jesse James episode, constantly showing Al Capone's men using baseball bats.. but ended up with the brass knuckles for their melee weapon. Or, bad talking weapons that are considered high end, or even just giving their individuals items to use as weapons, that are never used for weapons.

2. Weapon tests, This is where it really pisses me off. They will test a weapon, then do a test with the competing weapon in the same category but completely change the test so that it favors one weapon or another. Oh, lets make this solider shoot through a camo net, at moving targets and also obscure his vision with trees and such, but then the other side gets to have a clear unobstructed view of their target. Another good example, melee weapons, one will attack a dummy, and then they put the other weapon against a pig carcass. This seems a bit off, especially when both of the weapons are knives.

3. Weapons setups. This is where they really just throw out common sense. Lets put a slingshot up against a bayonet in close range fighting, or an axe vs a ballista, or a Winchester rifle vs a grenade, flamethrower vs punji stakes, or a grappling hook vs a machete, or the ever classic... man on chariot vs man on ground.

4. Their doctor.. what a fucking idiot, the man walks up to a ballistic dummy that's got it's stomach cut open, it's face lacerated, and multiple stab wounds to the chest and goes, "This is a mortal wound, he's dead." well no fucking shit, it's pretty clear with that extensive of a wound list anyone would be dead. Walk over to body riddled with bullets in chest and head, "This is a dead person, you can tell from where the 18 bullet holes have entered the body". Really... we needed a doctor to tell us someone is dead from these injuries?

5. Also their test results.. when you claim a weapon draws with another, why will one weapon get 15 kills, and the other weapon from that category gets 42? I'm sorry.. that's not a draw, one weapon is clearly superior. This happens very often. Also, they will claim that one weapon is superior to another and it will end up with less kills than the inferior weapon. Um, if that weapon is better, why did it just lose?

6. Their 'Qualified' demonstrators and historians, They all claim they understand the weapons, the tactics and such used. I have issues when none of these people argue the fact of their weapons being put through different testing setups. They never seem to whine when their weapon loses, but only seem to rag on their opponents weapons when watching them in action. You want your weapon/technology to win, then level the playing field and make them utilized the same way. The only category this doesn't apply to is the special weapons.

The show continually just disregards history, and their own results, and also view tests so that it ends up favoring one weapon or technology over another. Then with the later seasons, they introduced things like skill, endurance, and other factors. The show is utter trash and it's more of them going, "Look at me, I'm getting to play with these shiny toys and break shit" rather than trying to a more historically accurate showing. They continually screw up and I don't see why people enjoy the show, I've watched about a dozen episodes to see if it was just a few random episodes or if it's done continually. From my experience and looking at their forums, it's quite clear that lots of people get irritated from the way it's run.
Sunday, December 4th, 2011
10:02 am
I don't mind having dreams, I don't even mind having dreams I remember, but why can't I have dreams that I remember that aren't terribly fucked up?

Dream starts off with me walking down Madison ave near where I used to live, get stopped by some weird massive redneck who asks me some question, I can't remember. I answer no to it, then he basically forces me to get into some weird wrestling match with him. There are a ton of people watching, and it's some sort of handicap match. I don't have anyone to help me, but he's got some random person, and Sigfried and Roy who show up. At one point during the match, my sister in law's brother Josh shows up, gives me some odd tidbit of info then wanders off. Then a cop shows up, not to help but to spectate and officiate the match. Before anything else happens I end up waking up.
Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
2:58 pm
Writer's Block: Tea for two
If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would it be and what would the two of you do?
Professor Moriarty. I can imagine the chaos and havoc me and him could commit just in the name of challenging the police and the rest.
Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
3:03 am
stupid people....
I swear, I can't get any sort of luck. Walking home tonight, two dumb black guys pass me and then one of them yells loud enough for me to hear, "dude pull over.. pull the car over." as he does, the one guy opens the door and I can tell they are waiting for me to walk past them. I just cross the street, and another car starts to come up the street, they close the door and drive off. Just want a damn car or something at this point. So tired of the stupid crap..
Sunday, September 18th, 2011
1:41 pm
Writer's Block: On the red carpet
Are you watching the Emmys tonight?
Umm that's on tonight?
Sunday, September 11th, 2011
7:06 pm
Writer's Block: Freaky Friday
If you could become a member of the opposite sex for just one day, what would you do?
Not sure, but I think it'd be interesting to try it out at least. :)
Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
8:11 pm
Stuff for sale! :D
12ft, hdmi cable.
128mb 133mhz sdram & 256mb 133mhz sdram
epia-800 motherboard
17" crt monitor, does 1280x1024. Excellent picture quality
4 sata cables
laptop hard drive to ide connector
128 meg ddr stick laptop ram
wired xbox 360 controller
pair of sony ht820 headphones
unopened copy of warmhammer online - I'd like 30 for it
hp 2120 printer/copier
lexmark x5320 printer/copier/scanner/fax machine
2 ide cables, 1 wrapped, 1 standard ribbon
1 wrapped floppy cable
of wired creative world of warcraft headphones with box,  excellent shape - no less than 75 for them, otherwise I'd just dump them to ebay
1 8 port switch 10/100
1 dlink 5 port switch 10/100
200 watt power supply
2 channel ide pci controller
power inverter with usb for car
pair of processors, believe there is an amd and a p4
1 sony dvd burner
9ft dynex hdmi cable
hp lightscribe dvd burner
lg cd burner
1 ide/sata hard drive converter
linksys usb wireless b adapter
1 compaq superdrive for laptop
1 compaq cd drive for laptop
1 6" wacom bamboo tablet with box

If you're interested in any of it, just drop me a line on here, or such.
8:09 pm
Writer's Block: Sweet tooth
What is your favorite candy or dessert?
For me, it's cheesecake. I just love the stuff, though it's something I don't eat very often and for good reason. Cheesecake and reese's big cups.. I love those things.
Thursday, August 11th, 2011
2:23 am
updates, wheeee.
Few updates really, been somewhat busy.

Had jury duty this week, that really sucks. You hurry up and get to wait in a stupid little room with nothing to do really. Did a bit of sitting around and being lazy, nothing but being worn out from having to work and go there. Had to leave at 6:30am and ran out to get the bus, and that sat around being all lazy and trying not to fall asleep.

Monday sat around, then got to fill out some pointless and ended up going home a bit early and got to wander around downtown and look at a few things. Enjoyed the fact that I got to see the fallen warrior memorial. Took a few good pictures, will post them later to my journal.

Tuesday wasn't too much really, sat around for a while before we got called in to be interviewed and then right before my turn, we ended up sitting around for quite a while before they came in, apologized and told us to come back in at 9am, the rest of the group didn't have to come in until 1:30pm.

So go in Wednesday, sit around.. sit around.. then lunch comes and goes, and sit around for a bit longer. Then we get called, now keep in mind, lunch for the jury duty is from 11:30am until 1:15pm. So needless to say, I was a little irked that we had to sit around and wait to find out what was going on.
They escort us up to the courtroom and had us all sit down, they explained the case. The reason it was so involved it was a capital crime case. Rape and a murder in a single trial and if it had gone through and went guilty, we would had to decide the guy's fate if he would have gotten sentenced to life in prison, or lethal injection.. I'm a bit glad, that's a heavy decision to make regardless. So now I'm done with jury duty for the next 2 years at least, hopefully I won't get picked again :P

Also, at this point, I'm actively looking for a new job, not keen on to keep working at the porn store, no raises, no incentives, just more workload, getting complaints that we don't sell enough, etc. etc. etc. Hopefully I'll find something soon.
Saturday, July 30th, 2011
3:29 am
keep watching, stuff for sale soon!
Keep an eye on this spot, soon I'll be listing a ton of stuff I'm looking to sell, all neat stuff and lots of pics I hope.
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